DeviDip™ — Measuring inclination
while Core Drilling

If you know what you need, it is unnecessary to pay for additional features.
The DeviDip electronic multishot offers a simple and efficient solution to measuring inclination and orientation angles. The rugged design even makes it possible for the tool to stay on board the core barrel while drilling.

When fitted in the belonging survey barrel the DeviDip attaches directly to the inner tube spear head, meaning surveys can be performed during the drill run. This configuration makes it possible to monitor borehole inclination with minimal to no impact on the drilling process.

Besides being an independent survey tool the DeviDip is used as a steering tool for the DeviDrill. It can also be used as an orientation device for other equipment, such as wedges and downhole motors.

The DeviDip uses three high-accuracy accelerometers to perform the measurements. The tool measures inclination, toolface, gravity vector, and temperature and battery status. Time intervals can be set from 5 seconds and up.

The DeviDip communicates with a PDA, and the results can be viewed on the PDA screen in field once the data is downloaded from the tool. The data can thereafter be further processed in DeviSoft, analyzed, plotted and reported to the client.