Devico Test Facility

Since 2009, Devico, a company specialized in directional core drilling and borehole surveying, has had their own test facilities for borehole surveying starting inside their own workshop.

The test facilities include 4 test holes with a length varying from 150 meter to 240 meter. The longest test hole is made of N-size drill rods and is very well suited for non-magnetic survey tools. One 150 meter long PVC pipe is also dug down in the ground which is perfect for testing and teaching how to use different types of magnetic survey tools. Before the test holes where buried in the ground, they were measured with land surveying equipment to know the exact trajectory.  The test holes end in open manholes so that the end coordinates can be verified at any time.

Another aspect with the test facility is the possibility to test the accuracy and repeatability of survey tools for longer periods.

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