Devico Test Facility

As a company focused on innovation and development of high-quality products, proper testing facilities are a must.  Devico established one of the first permanent testing facility for borehole survey tools with known start and end position, and recently another site testing of directional drilling and orientation products was added.

The newest test site hosts a DBC core drilling rig with the capacity to drill deep directional boreholes as well as an inclined borehole for testing survey tools. The site is enclosed, securing that high-quality testing can be performed at a controlled pace any time of the year.

Here, new ideas and innovations can be thoroughly tested even in early stages, giving direct feedback vital in determining the next step of the development process. The final products may also be tested to ensure they fulfill or surpasses the stringent quality and user demands in todays drilling industry.

The test site gives the opportunity to run all directional core drilling developments and other drilling innovations. Devicos full range of downhole instruments and rig alignment & positioning tools can be used and tested as well.

The survey tool testing facilities from 2009 are also still a high valued asset. Two holes, of 150 and 240 meter respectively, provide the opportunity to at any time test the accuracy and repeatability of both magnetic and non-magnetic survey instruments. Before the test holes where buried in the ground, they were measured with land surveying equipment to know the exact trajectory. The test holes end in open manholes so that the end coordinates can be verified at any time.

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