Devico, recently celebrated the company’s 30th anniversary at the historic Baardshaug Manor in Orkanger, Norway. The anniversary celebration was very successful, with activities throughout the day and into the late night for Devico´s employees in Norway and their families. Viktor Tokle is the founder of Devico 30 years ago and was moved by emotion when he reminisced about the achievements of the company he started in his garage a long time ago. “To see all the great, dedicated Devico employees we have today around the world, remembering the hard work and difficult challenges on the way to becoming the global market leader within our field, is simply incredible. I’m so grateful to everyone who has worked so hard to make this such a great company, including employees, clients, suppliers, and sales agents.”

Devico was started in 1988 when Viktor Tokle developed a system for directional core drilling, later called the DeviDrill, while working with borehole surveying technology at SINTEF (an industrial research foundation) in Trondheim, Norway. Since then, years of continuous development of the system has made the revolutionary DeviDrill the standard in directional core drilling. It has been used on various projects in more than 40 different countries around the world, and allows continuous measurements and core sampling during steering. Today, Devico also has a complete suite of alignment and borehole surveying tools to complement its offering.

Devico prides itself on its highly professional directional core drilling services and high quality, high precision downhole survey instruments and alignment systems.

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