We just released the OX!

In alliance with our global agent network, we are pleased to announce that our latest survey instrument is now officially available.

DeviGyro Overshot Xpress or ‘the OX’ for short. Continuous gyro surveying up to 100m/min whilst retrieving the core tube, leaving no impact on drilling productivity.

Designed and built for the modern-day driller, maximizing bit-on-face time while controlling deviation.

Since extensive field testing with our trial partner Downhole Surveys was accomplished earlier this year, over 35 OX units have been implemented across several key mining operations around the world. The feedback has been greater than anticipated, all reporting significant increases in overall drilling productivity and operator satisfaction.

Start running the OX and save time, meters, and money.

For full details please contact your local Devico Agent, us directly at devico@devico.no or visit our website at https://www.devico.com/

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