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Read articles from well known international mining magazines and local newspapers where Devico is stated.

E&MJ October 2020

E&MJ discusses the state of Scandinavian mining equipment, technology and service companies. Devico is presented with information about new products like the DeviGyro OX, and the long and well proven directional core drilling services.

ADIA July 2020

ADIA presents an article written by Downhole Surveys and Devico that discusses the two main types of downhole gyro surveying systems in use today, along with their benefits and limitations.


Coring Magazine #12 2020

The DeviGyro is featured in an article in Coring Magazine. The article discussed the instrument, the surveying technology behind it and gives a case study.

GeoDrilling March 2019

The article ‘Speed is at the core’ discusses the concept of fast and cost-efficient coring. The directional core drilling technology from Devico is featured. 

Australian Mining Review Oct 2017

The DeviFlex Rapid non-magnetic and continuous survey tool is discussed in this article from The Australian Mining Review.

GeoDrilling May 2017

The Devico directional core drilling technology is featured in this special from GeoDrilling International on directional drilling and its use in mineral exploration.

International Mining May 2016

Devico and the DeviShot magnetic survey tool is part of International Mining Magazine’s focus on “Nordic knowhow”.

GeoDrilling May 2016

GeoDrilling describes the DeviDrill directional core barrel and gives and update on how the technology has performed for Agnico Eagle in Finland.

Coring Magazine #3 2016

The DeviDrill directional core drilling technology and its main areas of use for mineral exploration are discussed in Coring Magazine issue 3.

World Tunnelling April 2015

A pre-investigation project for a planned sub-sea road tunnel in Norway is discussed. The Devico directional coring technology is used to steer the drill holes along the planned tunnel alignment.

GeoDrilling March 2015

In their May 2015 issue, GeoDrilling gives an update on Devico’s directional core drilling services and surveying products.

GeoDrilling July 2014

Using the DeviDrill for extreme accuracy drilling and deviation control is the topic in this issue of GeoDrilling Magazine. 

GeoDrilling March 2014

Devico had an interesting year in 2014 with the release of two new intruments to the core drilling industry, in addition to many directional core drilling projects.

GeoDrilling July 2013

Since its inception 25 years ago, Devico has realised a steady increase in directional core drilling projects, even during periods of economic recession.

GeoDrilling Oct 2011

DeviDrill directional coring technology is featured in GeoDrilling magazine. The article explain how the system works and is used to achieve cost and time saving benefits for mineral exploration programs.

Australasian Drilling Nov 2010

The DeviDrill directional core barrel and its use in a mineral exploration program in Australia is presented in this article from Australasian Drilling.

Tunnel Business Oct 2009

Using Devico directional core drilling as means for pre-investigation for planned tunnels is explained in detail in this issue of TBM:Tunnel Business Magazine.

International Mining

John Chadwick in International Mining has focus on technologies. A directional drilling program for Lundin Mining, Zinkgruvan in Sweden is explained.


Devico’s directional core drilling projects in Hong Kong have gained very good reputation far outside the cities borders. Tunnels&Tunneling published in July 2008 an article about the HATS Stage 2A project.

GeoDrilling magazine

A large section of the May 2008 GeoDrilling magazine is dedicated to directional drilling. As a world leader in directional core drilling, the Devico technology has been valued to 2 whole pages inside the magazine.

China mining journal

China mining journal has written an article about the DeviDrill technology, both in Chinese and English.

GeoDrilling magazine

GeoDrilling has focus on the Scandianavian market. Devico is highlighted in the May 2007 magazin.

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