DeviGyro— RG30 Slimline

The DeviGyro RG30 Slimline survey assembly offers a slim and lightweight, yet sturdy design. The ideal combination for tough surveying applications like production holes, blast holes and injection holes.
The RG30 can also be used for surveying in slim hole applications where the RG40 is not suitable.


Technical Specifications


Running gear RG30
Weight [kg/lbs] 2.5 /5.5
Diameter [mm/in] 30 /1.18
Length [mm/in] 1400 /55
Memory [hours] 6h 40min
Operational temperature and storage -20/+60°C
Pressure, 30 mm running gear [bar/psi] 300/4350
Survey speed, up to 100 m/min
Magnetic No
Azimuth accuracy ±0.1°/100m
Typical positional accuracy 0.2%
Inclination accuracy* ±0.1°
Toolface accuracy* ±0.2°
Temperature Recorded
Azimuth range 0°-360°
Inclination range -90°− +90°
Battery data 1x CR 123a
Battery capacity, continuous use 24 hours
Data communication Wireless
Baud rate 115000 bps
Main areas of use Inside rod string
Open hole survey

*Calibrated for temperature range -10C to +60C

It is well known that surveying a large cluster of production holes can be a vital but time consuming process. This changes with the DeviGyro RG30, offering easy handling and support for high speed continuous surveying.

With its light weight and slim design the RG30 Slimline survey assembly is a great solution especially for manual and feeder surveying. With this assembly the DeviGyro can easily be pushed into the hole and reeled back out while surveying in both directions.

The titanium housing offers superior strength and protection for the DeviGyro, which is particularly important when surveying open holes for blasting and injection.

The DeviGyro has no limitations in survey angle, and the RG30 Slimline can be used for surveying even horizontal and upwards holes.

Due to its smaller diameter the RG30 Slimline also enables use of the DeviGyro in small diameter core drilling and other applications where the RG40 Standard is not suitable.


  • High speed and accuracy surveying
  • No angle restrictions
  • Lightweight and slim design
  • Wireless communication system with LED indicator
  • Intuitive Android software with built in QA processor
  • Commercially available battery
  • Wide range of applications
  • Continuous survey operation
  • In-rod surveying – not affected by magnetics
  • Same high accuracy in any inclination, direction and location
  • Multi-survey processing for additional accuracy
  • Automatic and instant quality assurance
  • Highly robust and reliable
  • Simple and intuitive software


  • Blast & injection holes
  • Grout holes
  • Pilot holes
  • Continuous surveying
  • Multishot surveying
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