New Devico drilling technology testing facility just opened in Norway

This summer has marked a new milestone for Devico AS with the opening of their brand-new test site. Devico, which is a major supplier of directional core drilling and borehole surveying instruments, is continuously working on developing new products and improving old, and the new test site will greatly improve how quickly these can be released to the market.

The test site hosts a core drilling rig with the capacity to drill deep directional boreholes as well as an inclined borehole for testing survey tools. The site is enclosed, securing that high-quality testing can be performed at a controlled pace any time of the year.

New ideas and innovations may now be thoroughly tested even in early stages, giving direct feedback vital in determining the next step of the development process. The final products may also be tested to ensure they fulfill or surpasses the stringent quality and user demands in todays drilling industry. The test site gives the opportunity to run all directional core drilling developments and other drilling innovations. Devicos full range of downhole instruments and rig alignment & positioning tools can be used and tested as well.

About 10 km from the Devico head office near Trondheim, Devico can now also provide demonstrations and training for the clients in real site conditions. Internal training of new employees is another area that will benefit from the test site by providing faster hands-on training with high quality.

The new electric diamond drill rig is part of the vision of Viktor Tokle, the founder of Devico. Devico has planned this new addition for a long time and now the timing was perfect and location available to incorporate the new drill site.

  On the picture, Devico experts running the diamond drill testing new technologies.

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