NEW: DeviFlex Rapid: Continuous High Speed Non-Magnetic Survey

Knowing the exact azimuth and inclination at any given depth is important in any bore-hole and crucial when doing exploration- and geotechnical drilling. DeviFlex Rapid is a new and improved version of the already proven DeviFlex. The DeviFlex Rapid has the same ruggedness, reliability and precision as its   predecessor and is more efficient and user-friendly.

The option of surveying in continuous mode, non-stop between the first and last measurement, the survey will be done in no time! As the predecessor needed approx. 90 minutes to finish a 500-meter survey, the new version will do the same in about 30 minutes for IN and OUT survey!


With the new quick-coupling between the front and rear, tool preparation time is significantly shortened.  By introducing the DeviCounter – Devico’s new wireless depth encoder together with DeviFlex Rapid, you can be sure that the survey-data is spot on!


The display unit is a rugged PDA with a simple and intuitive software for operating the DeviFlex Rapid and DeviCounter together. While the DeviFlex Rapid is connected via USB-cable, the DeviCounter uses Bluetooth and connects automatically to the PDA for seamless integration of depth data with survey data.

The DeviFlex Rapid:

  • Saves time & money
  • Survey both magnetic and non-magnetic bore-holes
  • Rugged and simple to operate
  • Highly accurate
  • Field proven PDA

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