DeviCounter — Smart wire counter

NEW: Knowing the exact depth of the survey tool is vital for surveying accuracy. With this in mind Devico has released the DeviCounter, a wire counter designed to give high precision depth data without compromising user friendliness.
The DeviCounter is easily attached to the drill rod with the included clamping system. The smart wireless communication system also allows mounting the counter on any convenient location while never losing sight of the depth display.
The display unit consists of a smartphone with a simple and intuitive App. Upon powering up the DeviCounter connects to the App and is immediately ready to start logging.

The wire may be measured while going into the hole or while being retrieved from the hole, while the depth may be set to a known start depth or reset to zero.

Technical Specifications
Weight 4.7kg/10.4lbs
Length 320mm/12.6”
Width 140mm/5.5”
Height 200mm/7.9”
Wire diameter 2-10 mm
Accuracy 0.1% of wire length
IP rating IP67
Clamp size B to H
Wireless Yes
Temp range -30° to +75°C (-22° to 167°F)
Battery life Approx. 24 hours
Battery type Rechargeable
Charge time 2.5 hours


Display unit


Type Smartphone
Software DeviCounter App
Battery life/type 15 hours/Lithium
IP rating IP67
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