DeviFlexRapid — Continuous High Speed Non-Magnetic Survey

NEW: Gone are the days when the survey tool had to stand still at each survey station to log data. The DeviFlexRapid can be moved continuously without stopping from start to end of hole, and back again.
DeviFlexRapid is a package consisting the highly popular non-magnetic DeviFlex Auto-Rotate survey instrument, the smart DeviCounter and QA processing software. With these three technologies combined, the user can perform high accuracy surveys at a fraction of the time previously needed.
Technical Specifications

Weight [kg/lbs] 20/44.10
Diameter [mm/in] 40/1.57
Length [mm/ft] 4000/13.1
Magnetic No
Running gear Integrated
Survey speed 35 m/min
Auto-Rotate ~90°/4m
Inclination accuracy** ±0.2°
Direction accuracy ±0.01° per station
Tool face accuracy ±0.2°
Inclination range +90 to -90°
Temp range -15° to 75°C (5° to 167°F)
Battery life 400hrs
Pressure 300bar/4350psi
Survey Accuracy 0.3%




Type Nomad
Software DeviSoft
Battery life/type 15 hours/Lithium
IP rating IP67
This non-magnetic strain gauge survey tool is not affected by magnetics making it ideal for in-rod surveying, eliminating the guess-work associated with magnetic single/multishot survey instruments.

The DeviFlexRapid instrument is a non-magnetic, memory, reference, survey tool based on high sensitivity strain gage technology.

Three specially designed centralizers are fitted along the length of the tool, each centralizer fits comfortably inside the drill rod, held in position by two strong springs. The centralizers are designed to rotate the DeviFlexRapid as it trav-erses inside the drill string, ensuring any bias errors are efficiently eliminated.

Besides the continuous capability the DeviFlexRapid also features auto-rotate centralizers, quick assembly solutions and dedicated operation software.

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