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DeviGyro— Non-magnetic survey with high speed and accuracy


  • Continuous survey operation
  • In-rod surveying – not affected by magnetics
  • No angle restrictions
  • Same high accuracy in any inclination, direction and location
  • Multi-survey combining for additional accuracy
  • Automatic and instant quality assurance
  • Highly robust and reliable
  • Simple and intuitive software


• Diamond Core Drilling

• Reverse circulation (RC)

• Blast & injection holes

• Pilot holes

• Oil & Gas

• Continuous surveying

• Multishot surveying

• Overshot mode

• DeviHead mode

• Core orientation

The DeviGyro is a brand new non-magnetic survey instrument providing high speed, continuous downhole surveying in a small and versatile package.

Designed with convenience and ease of use for drillers in mind, this cutting edge rate gyro system utilizes a complex navigational algorithm to deliver the high accuracy and standard of quality assurance required by our customers.

The extremely small size of the DeviGyro opens for utilization in wide range of applications. Currently it is supplied as a small standard surveying tool that surveys the hole as it is lowered and retrieved by the wireline at speeds over 100 m/min, making it very suitable for diamond core drilling and RC drilling. Non-continuous survey is also possible, supporting blast hole surveying and foundation drilling. Support for other applications, like overshot, core barrel head and core orientation will soon follow. 

The DeviGyro comes equipped with a rugged handheld device and is operated by a user friendly Android application.The communication between the instrument and the handheld device is wireless and also functions through the pressure barrel due to Devico’s patented antenna technology.

The data from the DeviGyro passes through a complex processing algorithm that ensures the accuracy and repeatability is always high, independent of the drill holes direction, inclination and position. An automatic and stringent quality control with a pass/fail criteria gives the user additional confidence the survey data is of the highest possible accuracy.

North Seeking Package
Combined with the DeviAligner (surface & underground) or DeviSight (surface) the DeviGyro
becomes a very powerful north seeking package that secures superior accuracy even in high latitude
locations. See respective brochures for further information on DeviAligner and DeviSight. 


Weight, without running gear [kg/lbs] 0.2 /0.5
Diameter, without running gear [mm/in] 25 /1
Length, without running gear [mm/in] 140 /5.5
Memory [hours] 6h 40min
Operational temperature and storage -20/+60°C
Pressure, 40 mm running gear [bar/psi] 300/4350
Recommended survey speed 60 m/min
Magnetic No
Running gear Required
Azimuth accuracy ±0.1°/100m
Typical positional accuracy 0,2%
Inclination accuracy* ±0.1°
Toolface accuracy* ±0.2°
Temperature Recorded
Azimuth range 0°-360°
Inclination range -90°− +90°
Battery data 1x CR 123a
Battery capacity, continuous use 24 hours
Data communication Wireless
Baud rate 115000 bps
Main areas of use Inside rod string
Open hole survey
Core drilling
RC drilling
Blast hole

*Calibrated for temperature range -10C to +60C


  • High speed and accuracy surveying
  • No angle restrictions
  • One kit suitable for most common drilling sizes
  • Wireless communication system with LED indicator
  • Intuitive Android software with built in QA processor
  • Commercially available battery
  • Wide range of applications
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DeviGyroRapid – Fiche technique

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Diamond Drilling Dimensions Devico table

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Formation DeviGyro :

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