DeviSoft™ Borehole Software for PC

DeviSoft™ is software used in directional drilling and traditional borehole surveying. The software is flexible, and covers the needs of a directional driller or a borehole surveyor, as well covering the planning and surveying of blast holes and grouting curtains.

The DeviSoft will at any position in the hole provide you with the setting of the DeviDrill™, such as toolface, dogleg and the drilling distance necessary to hit the specified target. You can import 3D coordinates from your ore body or rock face, calculate the distance from the profile to the hole and plot the entire situation.

The planning of curved holes is linked to the capabilities of the drill tool. The starting position may be specified or calculated. Target coordinates are specified along with the dogleg rate. The calculation supplies azimuth, inclination, coordinates, and drill toolface setting for specified intervals along the curved section of the hole.

The measured depth, azimuth, and inclination of boreholes may be entered manually, imported from files, or transferred from a PDA.

Various analyses of deviation from corresponding planned holes may be performed and the results may be plotted on the screen or listed in tables.

  • Plan drill holes for exploration program, blasting, grout curtains, multiple wells with target drilling and directional drilling.
  • Calculate, analyse, and report borehole surveys.

System requirements: Windows XP, Windows Vista
Hard disk: Min. 50 MB free

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