DeviSight™ — Ensuring your direction with a True North Azimuth Alignment System

DeviSight is non magnetic GPS compass for surface alignment application True North Azimuth, DIP, latitude and longitude coordinates.
Technical Specifications
Surface Azimuth Accuracy:0.5 degrees (capable to 0.4 degrees)
Tilt and Roll Accuracy:+/- 0.1 degrees
Azimuth Sampling Speed:10 per sec
Typical battery life:LifePo4 (depend on Wi-Fi usage)
Charge time/battery life:3 hrs / 11-13 hrs
Charger:100-240 VAC
Dimensions:22.7” long, 3.78’’ deep and 1.7” tall (57.6cmx9.6cmx4.3cm)


Onboard Management software


Position (Lat/Long):30cm
Temp:-40 ˚C to 70 ˚C
Satellite Constellations:GPS and GLONASS (GNSS)
Wi-Fi connection supports:Android, iOS, MS compatible
The DeviSight is a portable battery operated system designed to make and record highly accurate measurements of True North azimuth, tilt and roll planes at drill sites. The DeviSight is the most accurate and easy system available on the market the Devisight meet IP65 requirements.  The instrument uses GPS carrier phase measurements to accomplish the azimuth alignment. The collar azimuth data can easily be transferred by WI-FI.

The GPS signal is used to record, latitude and longitude coordinates of the alignment being measured. Highly accurate accelerometers allow transferring the alignment from a nearby location for e.g. fine tuning of rig alignment.

The DeviSight rechargeable battery life provides 11-12 hours on a full charge, twice the capacity of its closest competitor.


  • Record azimuth, latitude, longitude, inclination, roll, date, time;
  • Most accurate system available in this category;
  • Final surface positions stored in a secure format.


  • Azimuth Accuracy: 0.5 degrees (capable to 0.4 degrees)
  • Tilt and Roll Accuracy: +/- 0.1 degrees
  • Azimuth Sampling Speed: 10 per sec
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DeviSight Surface Data Sheet specifications

English version – PDF file

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