DeviGyro— RG40

The DeviGyro RG40 survey assembly covers a wide range of surveying applications. The assembly offer efficient continuous or multishot surveying for core drilling, reverse circulation, piling, and most other in-rod surveying applications.
Technical Specifications


Running gear RG40
Weight [kg/lbs] 9.5 /21
Diameter, without running gear [mm/in] 40 /1.57
Length [mm/in] 1500 /59
Memory [hours] 6h 40min
Operational temperature and storage -20/+60°C
Pressure, 40 mm running gear [bar/psi] 300/4350
Survey speed, up to 100 m/min
Magnetic No
Azimuth accuracy ±0.1°/100m
Typical positional accuracy 0.2%
Inclination accuracy* ±0.1°
Toolface accuracy* ±0.2°
Temperature Recorded
Azimuth range 0°-360°
Inclination range -90°− +90°
Battery data 1x CR 123a
Battery capacity, continuous use 24 hours
Data communication Wireless
Baud rate 115000 bps
Main areas of use Inside rod string
Open hole survey
Core drilling
RC drilling
Blast hole

*Calibrated for temperature range -10C to +60C

The DeviGyro RG40 Standard survey running gear is an excellent choice for most types of in-rod surveying. The adjustable centralizers cover a wide range of diameters and rod profiles while still supporting the high speed continuous survey operation the DeviGyro has become known for.

The familiar and rugged design of the RG40 Standard offers a user friendly and tough DeviGyro survey assembly. Still small and light in weight the RG40 Standard is always easy to handle and transport from site to site.

With the RG40 Standard also comes freely adjustable centralizers with the patented helix design. This design provides additional bias compensation and is one of the reasons why the DeviGyro can survey continuously at such high speeds.

Continuous surveys are performed by attaching the DeviGyro survey package to the wire and lowering it while monitoring depth and speed with the DeviCounter. In and out surveys are performed in the same run, providing additional quality control.


  • High speed and accuracy surveying
  • No angle restrictions
  • One kit suitable for most common drilling sizes
  • Wireless communication system with LED indicator
  • Intuitive Android software with built in QA processor
  • Commercially available battery
  • Wide range of applications
  • Continuous survey operation
  • In-rod surveying – not affected by magnetics
  • Same high accuracy in any inclination, direction and location
  • Multi-survey processing for additional accuracy
  • Automatic and instant quality assurance
  • Highly robust and reliable
  • Simple and intuitive software


  • Diamond Core Drilling
  • Reverse circulation (RC)
  • Blast & injection holes
  • Pilot holes
  • Oil & Gas
  • Continuous surveying
  • Multishot surveying

New large range centralizer for DeviGyro

For optimal surveying accuracy, it is important that the survey instrument is properly centralized in the drill string, especially in the large diameter near-vertical holes seen in the civil industry. Our new large range centralizers are adjustable between 100 and 400 mm or 4’’ to 15’’and compliments our current DeviGyro RG40 centralizers. It also boasts heavy duty rollers and patent-pending rotating functionality, securing both smooth high-speed descent and high precision.
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DeviGyro Data Sheet specifications

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Diamond Drilling Dimensions Devico table

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