DeviCore™ BBT —
Efficiency and reliability all in one

The DeviCore BBT represents an integration of
the patent pending Brilliant Blue™ technology and other
proprietary Devico technologies. The DeviCore BBT employs
the same Devidip system probe technology which has proven to be an industry leader in reliability for more than 20 years as a part of the Devidrill, combining electronic core orientation integration with running gear.
The kit includes two DeviCore BBT probes and a core barrel extension and is ready to be assembled on the drilling equipment on site. The probes also has a valve system in front securing that pump-in time is not affected.

DeviCore BBT comes equipped with the IP67 rated Nomad PDA system and DeviSoft.Mobile software. The operation follows a clear step-by-step procedure, and one probe can be started and downloaded while the other is down in the hole.

DeviCore BBT uses three high-accuracy accelerometers, it
measures inclination, orientation, gravity vector, temperature and battery status, and offers quality control on the results.

Communication between DeviCore BBT and the PDA is done wirelessly via Brilliant Blue Technology.

Using Devico’s CCO system offers the following advantages:
  • No interruption of the drilling cycle, i.e.
  • Cost effective with Sale & Rental available
  • Regular readings and DIp control every time
  • Accurate orientations and inclination
  • Effective in a broad range of ground types and core breaks
  • Provides high orientation accuracy from 0° to +/-88° + dip
  • Digital data recorded for use in analyses at a later time

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