Smart wireline counter


The DeviCounter is a high precision, digital wireline counter for measuring interval depth, time, and line speed of a drill rig’s wireline when surveying. Allowing for seamless data integration with leading Devico survey instrumentation.

320 mm / 12.6 in
140x200 mm
5.5x7.9 in
4.7 kg
10.4 lbs
Wire diameter
2-10 mm
0.1% of wire length
IP rating
Clamp size
B to H
Data communication
Temperature range
-30° to +75°C/-22° to 167°F
Battery type
Battery capacity, continuous use
Approx. 24 hours
Charge time
2.5 hours

Handheld device

Android Smartphone
DeviCounter App
Battery capacity, continuous use
15 hours
Battery type
IP rating

The DeviCounter is an ultra-portable, wireless cable tracker, incorporating a high precision depth encoder for precisely measuring interval depth, time, and line speed of a drill rig’s wireline.

Supplied with all continuous Devico survey instruments, the DeviCounter records time and depth, whilst the instrument records time and navigation data. After surveying is completed the two sets of data are automatically merged, and unlike some counter systems errors are corrected prior to merging, due to the ability of the DeviCounter to store the depth data internally.

Knowing the exact depth is vital for your surveying accuracy and safety. Incorporating a high precision depth encoder, a smart, long range wireless communication system, and a practical design for ease of use and quick maintenance, the DeviCounter securely manages this important aspect for you.


  • High precision data, 0.1% accuracy
  • Seamless, automatic data transfer
  • Long range wireless connection
  • Live depth and speed display
  • Multi-size clamping system
  • Quick set up, user friendly
  • Enables continuous mode

Application areas

  • Wireline drilling applications
  • Civil Construction
  • Mining Exploration
  • Mining Production & Development
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Frequently asked questions about DeviCounter

How is the depth displayed?

The depth is sent wirelessly for immediate and continuous display on a handheld device, either in the dedicated DeviCounter app or integrated in the app of the survey tool.

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What is the weight of the DeviCounter kit?

Approximately 12 kg/26 lbs.

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Is the DeviCounter sold separately?

Yes, even though the DeviCounter is included as part of all DeviGyro kits, it is available for separate purchase and may be used in any case where wire length measurement is needed.

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