North Seeking Rig Alignment System


State-of-the-art north seeking rig alignment system, with the fastest settling time available on the market. Recording precise azimuth, inclination and roll angles, both surface and underground through advanced fiber optic gyro technology. Can you afford not to have the DeviAligner on your drill program?

320 mm / 12.6 in
249x217 mm
9.8x8.5 in
Setting time:
5 minutes
Azimuth accuracy:
±0.15° sec lat
Inclination accuracy:
Battery capacity:
6-12 hours
Operational temperature
-20° to 55°C/-4° to 131°F
Storage temperature
-40° to 80°C/-40° to 176°F
Azimuth accuracy
0.15° sec lat
Inclination accuracy
0.1 degrees
Battery type
Battery capacity, continuous use
6-12 hours (depend on temperature and number of batteries)
Data communication
Android app or web interface
Setting time
5 minutes
Latitude required
Charge time
3 hours
100-240 VAC

Handheld device

Android Smartphone
DeviAligner app
Battery capacity, continuous use
15 hourse
Battery type
IP rating

The DeviAligner is an ultra-portable, north seeking gyro alignment system for recording precise azimuth, inclination and roll angle measurements, on both surface and underground drill sites.

Designed specifically for automating the drill rig alignment process within the mining and civil sectors, the DeviAligner also delivers quick and precise quality assurance for any collar pick up, survey instrument reference and re-alignment requirements.

The system features an easy to operate Android application, wireless communication, the ability to import drill plans directly to the handheld device and enables real time readings in True North or Mine Grid.

Setting the standard for precision and settling time, the DeviAligner significantly increases accuracy and efficiency, whilst reducing rig downtime and associated costs.

DeviAligner Smart Battery Pack


The DeviAligner encompasses an innovative dual rechargeable battery system, where only one battery is required to power a DeviAligner unit. So fully charged batteries can be hot swapped as required during operation for continuous usage. Eliminating unnecessary downtime and providing peace of mind for the user.

Where other alignment systems use expensive, difficult to replace lithium batteries that come with various transport restrictions, The DeviAligner utilizes proven, off-the-shelf, commercially available power tool batteries, which not only simplifies the user experience but makes shipping by airfreight much easier.

For customers who purchase a DeviAligner, sourcing replacement or spare batteries is as easy as going to the local hardware store.


  • Fast settling time < 5min
  • Wireless communication with Android app
  • Ability to import drill plans
  • Live data output in true north or mine grid
  • Robust, lightweight design < 14kg
  • User friendly multi-size mounting bracket
  • Dependable, commercial grade batteries
  • Simple onsite calibration check procedure

Application areas

  • Surface & Underground Drilling
  • Diamond Drilling
  • Reverse Circulation (RC) Drilling
  • Civil Drilling Applications
  • Drill & Blast

Dundee Precious Metals about the DeviAligner

Dundee Precious Metals about the DeviAligner
The DeviAligner makes us feel way more comfortable with our drill rig set ups in Krumovgrad exploration area, having in mind the underground infrastructure at some of the prospects. It is fast, portable and easy to use on site, an ideal solution for accurate rig alignment.
Nikolay Mihaylov
Dundee Precious Metals Krumovgrad/DPM
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Frequently asked questions about DeviAligner

Can DeviAligner be used underground?

Yes, unlike GPS based alignment systems the DeviAligner incorporates advanced fibre optic gyro technology and can therefore be used underground.

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We forgot to turn off the DeviAligner and now it won't start, how do we get it working again?

Simply recharge the batteries. If for any reason that does not work, obtain new batteries (Milwaukee M18) from your local hardware store.

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