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How to use and operate our products? We offer three different ways of training for all our borehole surveying solutions. Choose between onsite training, remote training, or watching our high quality and informative training videos.
Onsite training

Onsite training

For on-site training a Devico technician will visit your project site to show your users how to best operate the instrument in question. The training will generally consist of a theoretical part explaining the instruments general operation and a field part illustrating the use. Please contact your local Devico sales representative to discuss if on-site training is the right option for you.

Online training of Devico instruments

Remote training

Training sessions conducted over live video feed has the advantage of being fast and easy to set up, providing a controlled training environment at a controlled pace for the user. It negates the risk and added cost of on-site training due to project or other type of delays.

Since Covid started we have successfully conducted remote training sessions online for all of our borehole surveying solutions, across many different countries around the world. Our results and feedback from customers have been great. For these reasons we encourage all our new clients to consider remote training when purchasing or renting new equipment from us.

Training videos

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