Vertical orientation kit (VOK)

Simplified vertical surveying

Vertical orientation kit (VOK)

The vertical orientation kit combines with the DeviGyro for setting the reference direction in vertical holes.

Vertical orientation kit (VOK)
210 mm / 8.3 in
1 kg
2.2 lbs
Fits all running gear configurations for DeviGyro
Sighting device
Scope, laser optional
Survey diameter
< 150mm/6in
Dimensions (without sighting device)
80mm/3.1in x 210mm/8.3in

The Vertical Orientation Kit (VOK) simplifies and speeds up the vertical surveying processes with the DeviGyro. Instead of placing the instrument horizontally in the reference direction prior to the survey, the VOK allows setting the reference direction while the DeviGyro is already positioned in the drill hole collar.

The VOK comes with an easy-to-use clamping system that securely holds the DeviGyro in the drill hole collar during the referencing process. It is suitable for all available DeviGyro running gear configurations and allows the operator to rotate the survey assembly according to the reference direction. The included sighting device ensures that alignment with the reference direction can be achieved with high-level accuracy.


  • Simplified vertical surveying
  • Reference alignment with instrument in drill hole collar
  • Compatible with all DeviGyro configurations
  • High accuracy sighting system
  • User friendly

Application areas

  • In rod & open hole surveying
  • Vertical drill hole surveying applications

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Frequently asked questions about Vertical orientation kit (VOK)

Does the Vertical Orientation Kit come included in the DeviGyro kits?

No, the Vertical Orientation Kit is an ancillary item and supplied on request.

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How heavy is the Vertical Orientation Kit?

The Vertical Orientation Kit weighs 1 kg/2.2 lbs.


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