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Simplified Directional Drilling

DeviDrill RSS

Building on the advanced directional drilling technology Devico is known for, the DeviDrill RSS (Rotary Steerable System) sets a new level for reliability and productivity. This new one-of-a-kind, directional drilling tool incorporates cutting-edge technology and solutions that secure superior directional drilling capability in all rock formations.

DeviDrill RSS
3000 mm / 118.1 in
75.7 mm
3 in
48.5 kg
106.9 lbs
Typical dogleg severity (DLS):
penetration rate:
7-10 cm/min / 2.7-3.9 inch/min
Total weight
Total weight with IA
Total length
Length front section
Weight front section
Length rear section
Weight rear section
Bit diameter
Reamer diameter
Tool body diameter
Length inner assembly
Weight inner assembly
Instrument barrel length
Instrument barrel diameter
Pumping/latching unit
Landing ring
Longyear NQ™
Landing indication
Pull out by-pass valve
Use of additives
Dogleg severity (DLS)
0-20°/30m / 0-20°/100ft
Operating pressure
22bar + circulation pressure
Feeding force (max)

Recommended parameters

Dogleg severity, NQ™ rods
3-12 deg/30m
900 - 1200
Feeding force (Bit weight + sliding force)
2500 – 3500 kg
Typical penetration rate
7-10 cm/min / 2.7-3.9 in/min
Typical production rate
15 – 36m/12h / 50 – 118ft/12 h

Providing efficient and steady drill hole steering capability, the non-coring DeviDrill RSS is a suitable solution for any type of directional diamond drilling program, including deviation control, branch holes, geotechnical exploration, and pilot holes.

Just like the legendary DeviDrill (directional core drilling DCD technology), the DeviDrill RSS fits directly on an N-size wireline drill string and is operated with the same equipment and parameters as a standard core barrel. Unlike other directional drilling systems such as mud motors, additional water pumps and rod strings are not required.

A further range of innovative and patented solutions maximizes the rotation and feed transferred from the drill string to the drill bit, eases operation and secures stable and high production in both hard and compact to fractured rock formations. The DeviDrill RSS has no locking pin, continuous orientation capability (no muleshoe required), new and innovative valve technology for a broader operational range and is more robust with lower service requirements.

In front of the DeviDrill RSS sits a full-face drill bit specially designed for long life continuous operation. Making it especially suitable for achieving directional targets in broken ground with more ease than ever.

Integrated in the DeviDrill RSS is the DeviGyro, controlling the orientation, inclination, and direction as the DeviDrill RSS steers the hole towards the target. When drilling to deep exploration targets or requiring high accuracy this combination ensures that the targets are hit precisely in a time and cost-efficient manner.

All vital parts in the DeviDrill RSS are designed and optimized for robustness and durability, reducing downtime due to rod pulls whilst keeping repairs to a minimum, giving the operator full confidence in its performance.


  • No locking pin
  • Efficient in all rock formations
  • Up to 5x faster than directional core drilling
  • Continuous orientation capability with no muleshoe required
  • Integrated DeviGyro survey system
  • Long life & minimal maintenance requirements
  • Directional drilling length limited only by rig & rod string capacity
  • Smooth curvature maximizing dogleg capacity
  • Operates with standard diamond drill rig, pump & N-size rod string
  • Full hole size with no reaming requirements
  • Low water consumption

Application areas

  • Mineral exploration
  • Underground and surface diamond drilling
  • Branch hole drilling programs (delineation, definition, resource drilling)
  • Deviation control
  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Pilot holes
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Frequently asked questions about DeviDrill RSS

Does the DeviDrill RSS have a locking pin for high side orientation?

No, the DeviDrill RSS utilises our cutting-edge continuous orientation capability.

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Does the DeviDrill RSS retrieve a core sample like the DeviDrill?

No, the DeviDrill RSS does not retrieve a core sample. It utilises a full-face drill bit and is capable of drilling up to 5x faster than directional core drilling technology.

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Is the DeviDrill RSS driven by water pressure?

No, it simply replaces the standard barrel, compatible with N-size drill strings. Operated with the same equipment and parameters as a standard core barrel.

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What is the water consumption of the DeviDrill RSS?

Water flow of 40 l/min only.

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