DeviGyro OX Mini

Compact overshot surveying solution for B and N-size

DeviGyro OX MINI

The DeviGyro OX Mini is a purpose-built overshot surveying solution for B-size diamond core drilling applications. Enabling precise, high-speed, continuous surveying while retrieving the core tube, effectively integrating surveying into the drilling process, and maximizing the available drilling time in a shift.

DeviGyro OX MINI
1230 mm / 48.4 in
7.4 kg
16.3 lbs
Azimuth accuracy:
Typical positional accuracy:
Inclination accuracy:
Toolface accuracy:
*Calibrated for temperature range -10C to +60C
Temperature range
-20° to +60°C/-4° to 140°F
Compatible Sizes
Azimuth accuracy
Typical positional accuracy
Inclination accuracy
Tool face accuracy
Azimuth range
Inclination range
-90°− +90°
Survey modes
Continuous or multishot
Survey speed, up to
100 m/min
Effected by magnetics
6h 40min
Data communication
Battery type
1x CR 123a
Battery capacity, continuous use
24 hours
*Calibrated for temperature range -10C to +60C

Handheld device

Android Smartphone
DeviGyro App
Battery capacity, continuous use
15 hours
Battery type
IP rating

As the name suggests, the DeviGyro OX Mini is simply a smaller version of the DeviGyro Overshot Xpress (the OX). With the OX being the leading overshot surveying solution for N, H and P-size rods only, the OX Mini has been developed to make the same proven benefits available for B-size diamond core drilling applications.

As B-size only drilling programs are quite rare, the DeviGyro OX Mini supports surveying in all standard B and N-size drill strings. Changing between sizes requires no more than replacing the centralizers which can be completed over a few minutes at the drill site.

Providing all the proven benefits which the innovative DeviGyro technology has to offer, the DeviGyro OX Mini is simply another purpose-built running gear configuration in the ultra-versatile DeviGyro range.


  • Quick set up time
  • No impact on drilling
  • 100 m/min survey speed
  • Precise repeatability at all angles
  • Simple to use intuitive operating software
  • True wireless - Connects when fully assembled
  • ADE Mode (Automatic Depth Estimation)
  • Scandinavian made - Robust and reliable
  • Immediate, stringent QA check
  • Commercially available battery
  • Not affected by magnetics
  • DeviCloud compatible
  • V-wall compatible

Application areas

  • Diamond Core Drilling (B and N-size only)
  • Continuous surveying
  • Single & Multi-shot surveying
  • Wireline or pump down
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Frequently asked questions about DeviGyro OX MINI

How long does it take to survey a 100m drill hole with the DeviGyro OX Mini?

Assuming a moderate average survey speed of approx. 60m/min, a 100m survey takes about 4 minutes. A key point here is that by running the OX Mini when retrieving core, surveying becomes part of the drilling cycle, and therefore survey time does not interrupt drilling productivity.

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Does the DeviGyro OX Mini support ADE (Automatic Depth Estimation) Mode?

Yes, ADE Mode is available with all DeviGyro survey solutions including the OX Mini. Simply conduct the latest update of the DeviGyro App, and you will have ADE mode as an option to select from.

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What if the core tube gets stuck whilst surveying out with the DeviGyro OX Mini?

Like with the Overshot Xpress (OX) assembly, the shear pin we use in the OX Mini assembly is designed to break under a specific amount of pressure. Preventing the risk of having to cut the wireline and leave the tool down the hole if the tube is stuck. Only the latch unit of the OX Mini will remain in the hole when this pin breaks. The survey can still be completed also.

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What drilling applications is the DeviGyro OX Mini suited for?

The DeviGyro OX Mini is a purpose-built overshot surveying solution for B and N-size diamond core drilling applications.

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Why aren’t H and P-size centralizers available for the DeviGyro OX Mini?

The DeviGyro OX Mini is designed specifically for surveying and retrieving core tubes in B and N-size drill rods only. The small design of the OX Mini assembly does not support the weights associated with larger core tubes. The DeviGyro Overshot Xpress (OX) survey solution on the other hand is designed specifically for surveying and retrieving core tubes in N, H and P- size rods. Capable of pulling heavier tubes such as H and P-size.

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