Devico headquarters Heimdal, Trondheim

About Devico

Devico is a leading supplier of directional core drilling services and borehole surveying solutions. After more than 30 years delivering innovation worldwide, we continue to be a pioneer in developing and implementing specialized and efficient solutions for the mining exploration, mining production & development, and civil construction industries.

We produce state-of-the-art products for directional core drilling, downhole navigation, core orientation, drill rig alignment and QA/QC data management.

With our headquarters in Norway, and a global network of branch offices and distributors, Devico services and solutions are easily accessible in all key mining and civil markets around the globe.

Devico mission statement

“Devico shall be world leading within directional core drilling, borehole surveying and belonging software.” EST. 1988, Viktor Tokle

The history of Devico

In the early 1980’s, borehole surveying became a standard procedure in the mining industry, as professionals in the industry became aware of borehole deviation and discovered that most drilled holes ended up far from where they were planned. They started dreaming of the ability to steer boreholes to precisely hit targets.

In 1986, Viktor Tokle developed a system for directional core drilling while working at the Sintef research institute in Trondheim, Norway. In order to bring this technology to the market, Viktor took a leap of faith and left Sintef to start Devico in 1988. The directional core drilling system he launched, and eventually dubbed DeviDrill, has undergone continuous development throughout the years, and the fact that the DeviDrill enables accurate steering of boreholes while simultaneously capturing drill core, has revolutionized the use of directional drilling in the industry. Today, the DeviDrill has been used on numerous projects in more than 40 different countries around the world, for a total of over 500,000m of directional core drilling.

Viktor also knew that accurate steering of boreholes is not possible without accurate borehole surveys and the possibility to plan efficient drill programs. In 1992, the DeviSoft directional drill planning software was launched, and in 1995 Devico released the DeviTool, the first electronic survey tool in the industry to stay onboard during drilling.

From the start of Devico, the company vision was to be world leading within directional core drilling, borehole surveying and belonging software.

Today, more than 30 years after the founding of Devico, and with a large range of industry leading products and services that have been born from a desire to continuously innovate, it is safe to say that Devico has fulfilled its vision.

Our work does not stop here, however. Many new products are on the verge of being launched, and Devico pledges to continue its effort to be world leading within directional core drilling, borehole surveying and belonging software.

Lacho and Rado

our people

A great part of Devico’s success can be attributed to our dedicated and qualified personnel. The Devico Group currently consists of 20 business units in 15 different countries around the world, totaling almost 200 employees. Devico is dependent on each and every one of them to deliver high quality products and services every day to ensure the best experience for our customers.

To provide leading, qualified Directional Core Drilling services to the hard rock drilling industry, Devico and our subsidiaries have established an international group of expert field engineers that supervise directional projects around the globe. These engineers are highly trained, dedicated, and boast over 500,000m of directional core drilling experience between them; thus, providing high quality, professional service based on experience, honesty, and commitment to results. Having been through an extensive training period with both theory and practice in the field prior to earning their title, new recruits become part of this culture, without ever compromising our high level of competence.

All Devico products are designed, developed, built, and tested in-house at our headquarters in Trondheim, Norway. All stages of this work are performed by qualified mechanical and electrical engineers with years of expertise.

This combination of proven, state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified personnel is what makes Devico a successful organization, for us and our customers.

Stian and Jørgen at Devico workshop


Erlend Olsø

Chief Executive Officer
Erlend was appointed Chief Executive Officer in 2013, after previously having served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, and oversees all of the companies in the global Devico Group.

Erlend has a M.S. degree in Engineering Mechanics from the University of Texas at Austin, and extensive experience with R&D and business development from the oil & gas industry before joining Devico.

Espen Brandslet

Chief Operating Officer & Business Manager
Espen is the COO and Business Manager, with overall responsibility for all DCD contracts, logistics and general operations worldwide. He has been a part of the team since 2007.

Before joining Devico, Espen worked as a Logistics Officer for the Royal Norwegian Air Force.

Torkil Finnanger

Chief Financial Officer
Torkil is the CFO at Devico, and has been part of the team since January 2019. He has the overall responsibility for all matters related to finance, tax and accounting in the Devico Group.

Torkil holds a MSc in Economics and Business Administration and a MSc in Audit and Accounting from NHH Norwegian School of Economics.
Before joining Devico, Torkil has 7 years of experience as CFO and 10 years of experience from Audit and Advisory.

Lars Eriksen

Product Manager
Lars started at Devico back in 1996, employed as a R&D mechanical designer. Progressing in multiple roles over the years, Lars is currently responsible for all products after release, as well as operational responsibility for all technical and physical installations at our headquarters in Trondheim.

Lars has many years of experience as an aeronautical engineer, as well medical engineering and R&D oil & gas engineering.

Rune Lindhjem

Senior Technical Advisor
Rune joined Devico in 2007 and currently holds the position Senior Technical Advisor. Using his extensive experience from field, project, and product management, he collaborates with customers and colleagues to find achievable and beneficial solutions.

Rune has a M.S. degree in Engineering Geology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Anita Holten

HR Manager
Anita started at Devico in 2013 recruited for the role of HR Manager. In addition to managing Human Resources she is responsible for Health, Safety and Environmental procedures and is the coordinator of the company´s QA-system.

Anita´s education and working background is in sales and administration.

John Flåm

R&D Manager
John was hired as a consultant to Devico in 2016 and accepted a position as Head of R&D in 2017. He has since then been leading the development of new products at Devico, with a particular emphasis on instrumentation and belonging software.

His working background includes various positions within the Norwegian armed forces, Nordic Semiconductor and Embida/WaterLinked.
John holds a Ph.D. degree from the department of Electronics and Telecommunication, NTNU, Norway.

Lachezar Kirov

Operations manager & Manager of Devico Bulgaria
Lachezar started in Devico in 2004 as directional drilling field engineer. From 2011 he became a Project manager, and around 2015 he was promoted to Operations manager. He is responsible for all DCD operations overseas, outside of the Nordic countries. Lacho is also the manager of Devico Bulgaria EOOD, which was established in 2012.

Lachezar graduated as a drilling engineer, M.Sc. in 2001 in the University of Mining and Geology, Sofia, Bulgaria with specialization “Exploration drilling”.
Before joining Devico he worked for a short time in the oil & gas industry.

Frank Finseth

Operations Manager – Nordic market
Frank is the Operation Manager with responsibility for all DCD operations, survey services and sales/support in the Nordic market. He has been a part of the team since 2007.

Frank holds a certificate in precision mechanics from NTNU in Trondheim and also has experience from the oil & gas service-industry.

Chris Tai

Asia Regional Manager
Chris joined Devico in 2006 as a directional drilling field engineer and specialized using DCD in geotechnical applications. From 2007, he helped to establish Devico in the Asia Pacific area and became the Asia Regional Manager. He is responsible for all DCD operations in the Asia, with a key focus on the geotechnical market.

Chris graduated as an Earth Scientist / Geologist, B.Sc. in 1996 from the University of Hong Kong and obtained his M.Sc. of Applied GeoSciences from the same institute in 2003. Before joining Devico, he worked for 10 years as a Geotechnical Engineer / Project Manager in Civil Engineering industry.

Tarjei Fossum

Production Manager
Tarjei started at Devico in 2015, employed as a product developer of mechanics and mechatronics. He currently has full responsibility for the Production Department and team at Devico.

Tarjei has several years of experience with product development, industrialization, and production in the oil and gas industry. As well as a B. Sc. in Mechanical Engineering.

Magnus Lindsetmo Bestvold

Service & Support Manager
Magnus joined Devico in 2015 as an electronics engineer and has over time progressed to Service & Support manager. Magnus is responsible for handling equipment service and maintenance systems throughout the organization, as well as managing the Devico support group in close collaboration with our skilled employees.

Magnus has a B. Sc. in Electrical Engineering and working on an MBA from NORD University.