DeviHealth is an innovative, portable calibration-check system specifically designed for the DeviGyro instrument.

Temperature range
-20° to +65°C/-4° to +149° F

The DeviHealth system allows a quick and precise calibration-check procedure for the DeviGyro instrument.

Whether adhering to routine on-site calibration-check procedures or assessing the DeviGyro after an accident, DeviHealth’ s small size and user-friendly app make this process more convenient than ever.

Although the DeviGyro has proven to be one of the most accurate and durable borehole surveying solutions on the market, accidents can still occur. DeviHealth enables calibration-checks to be completed anywhere, at the drill site, in the office, surface or underground ensuing there are no excuses for ever compromising onsite QA/QC procedures.

Upon completion of a calibration-check, the DeviHealth app issues a report documenting the status of the DeviGyro instrument. This report can be easily stored and shared digitally via DeviCloud or simply exported to a printable file.


  • Small, portable design
  • User-friendly, intuitive software
  • Fast, thorough onsite QA/QC confirmation
  • Check certificates, easily shared digitally
  • Quick to set up and use anywhere
  • DeviCloud compatible

Application areas

  • All DeviGyro related applications
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Frequently asked questions about DeviHealth

How long does it take to complete a DeviGyro calibration-check with the DeviHealth system?

Approximately 20 minutes in total. With the first couple of minutes and the last 10 minutes not involving operator handling.

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Is it imperative to have a DeviHealth kit for DeviGyro, or optional?

No, it is not imperative, it is optional. DeviHealth is available to DeviGyro customers simply for enabling them to conduct onsite calibration-checks, whenever required.

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What is the difference between calibration and calibration check?

Instrument calibration is performed under laboratory conditions in highly specialized and customized calibration rigs. Based on the data collected by the instrument, and the precise knowledge of the sequence, calibration constants are derived. A calibration-check is a simpler procedure where the objective is to verify that the instrument is within acceptance thresholds and performing optimally.

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