DeviGyro RG30 Slimline

Multipurpose survey solution for slim drill hole applications


The DeviGyro RG30 Slimline is a multipurpose survey solution for slim drill hole applications. Surveying a large cluster of drill holes to learn their accurate path is an important, but often time-consuming process. However, this changes with the DeviGyro RG30 Slimline. With its lightweight, slim and robust design it is the ideal solution for challenging survey applications like blast & injection holes.

1400 mm / 55.1 in
30 mm
1.2 in
2.5 kg
5.5 lbs
Azimuth accuracy:
Typical positional accuracy:
Inclination accuracy:
Toolface accuracy:
*Calibrated for temperature range -10C to +60C
Pressure (bar/psi)
Temperature range
-20° to +60°C/-4° to 140°F
Azimuth accuracy
Typical positional accuracy
Inclination accuracy
Tool face accuracy
Azimuth range
Inclination range
-90°− +90°
Survey speed, up to
100 m/min
Effected by magnetics
6h 40min
Data communication
Battery type
1x CR 123a
Battery capacity, continuous use
24 hours
*Calibrated for temperature range -10C to +60C

Handheld device

Android Smartphone
DeviGyro App
Battery capacity, continuous use
15 hours
Battery type
IP rating

With its lightweight and slim design, the DeviGyro RG30 Slimline is an ideal solution not only for applications where the DeviGyro RG40 Standard is not suitable, but also for manual, short hole surveying applications such as blast holes or canopy tubes, where a feeder mechanism, such as the DeviRodder, is required. With this assembly, the DeviGyro RG30 Slimline can easily be pushed into the hole and reeled back out while surveying in both directions, continuously or with multi-shot mode.

At the completion of each survey all data is passed through an automatic, stringent, at-rig QA/QC process with a comprehensive pass/fail criteria, quickly providing the operator with full awareness of the survey results, and drill hole position. Equipped for the next step in the drilling process.

As the DeviGyro has no limitations in survey angle, the lightweight RG30 Slimline running gear is ideal for surveying horizontal and up holes. In addition, the titanium housing offers superior strength and protection, which is particularly important when surveying open holes.

Easy to operate, repeatable precision at any angle and quick results, that’s why DeviGyro RG30 Slimline is the tool of choice for many civil and mining companies.


  • Quick set up time
  • Not affected by magnetics
  • Robust, titanium running gear
  • Repeatable precision at any angle
  • High speed, continuous surveying (up to 100m/min)
  • True wireless – Connects when fully assembled.
  • User-friendly, intuitive operating software
  • Automatic, instant At-Rig QA processing
  • Multi-survey processing for additional accuracy
  • Commercially available battery
  • DeviCloud compatible

Application areas

  • Drill and Blast
  • Injection holes
  • Grout holes
  • Pilot holes
  • Canopy Tubes
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Frequently asked questions about DeviGyro RG30 SLIMLINE

What running gear is provided with a DeviGyro RG30 Slimline kit?

A DeviGyro RG30 Slimline Kit includes a DeviGyro Instrument Kit (Instrument and Android phone), an RG30 Running Gear kit (pressure barrel, bull nose, top sub and 2 v-stands) and a DeviCounter Kit (DeviCounter, Clamp and Android phone).

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How much does the RG30 Slimline weight when assembled with the DeviGyro?


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Can we survey vertical drill holes with the RG30 Slimline?

Yes, the advanced DeviGyro technology precisely detects and quantifies any deviation the instrument is subjected to as it traverses the drill hole. Providing highly accurate, repeatable data at any angle, including vertical.

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What are the key differences between DeviGyro RG30 Slimline and DeviGyro RG30 Helix?

The RG30 Slimline is not designed for use with wireline, it is commonly used in combination with a DeviRodder for surveying in short, open hole environments such as drill and blast, where up-holes and horizontal holes are common. Hence it is built using lightweight materials and has a short body.

Though the RG30 Helix is also compatible with the DeviRodder it is specifically designed for in-rod, downhole wireline surveying. Hence it has been built with heavier materials and a longer body, containing a top sub, swivel, bullnose, and centralizers.

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