Push reel system


The DeviRodder is a user-friendly push reel system for enabling an effective manual surveying method for the DeviGyro and DeviShot product range. Combining a fiberglass rodder reel and a customized DeviCounter wireless counting device, it is the ideal solution for short, horizontal, and up hole survey applications such as drill and blast, injection drilling.

1150 mm / 45.3 in
550x1200 mm
21.7x47.2 in
39 kg
86 lbs
Depth error
Power-bank capacity
15 000mAh
Temperature range
-30° to +75°C/-22° to 167°F
Rodder length
100m or 150m
Rodder diameter
Min. bend radius
Rodder max. Load
Max. Load

Handheld device

Android Smartphone
DeviCounter App
Battery capacity, continuous use
15 hours
Battery type
IP rating

With the user-friendly DeviRodder, borehole survey instruments such as the DeviShot or DeviGyro can easily be pushed into the drill hole and reeled back out while surveying in both directions, supporting continuous and multi-shot surveying modes.

The DeviCounter component not only ensures high quality data by recording precise depth, but it is also what enables continuous mode with the DeviGyro, equating to faster surveying and thus a higher number of possible meters surveyed per shift, which is especially valuable in high volume projects such as underground drill and blast.

Prior to the invention of the DeviRodder, heavy duty plastic piping was the main method for feeding survey tools in and out of most short, horizontal, and up-hole applications. Though this piping method is still widely used around the world as a reliable, proven option, the newly released DeviRodder enables a much less labor intensive, safer, and more accurate surveying process, through a purpose-built product design.

DeviRodder is available in the standard 100m version and a 150m version.


  • Purpose built, increasing safety and productivity
  • High precision data, 0.1% accuracy
  • Seamless, automatic data transfer
  • Long range wireless connection
  • Live depth and speed display
  • Quick set up, user friendly
  • Enables continuous mode

Application areas

  • Grout and injection holes
  • Horizontal and Up-holes
  • Drill and Blast
  • Canopy Tubes
  • Piling
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Frequently asked questions about DeviRodder

Can we do multi-shot surveying when using the DeviRodder, or does it only support instruments with continuous survey mode?

Yes, the DeviRodder supports survey instruments with continuous and or multi-shot surveying modes.

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How do we charge the DeviCounter built into the DeviRodder?

Each DeviRodder unit comes equipped with a high-quality power bank that has a capacity of 15000mAh. Making it convenient to charge the DeviCounter component when needed.

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Is the DeviCounter component permanently mounted or removeable?

The DeviCounter component is securely mounted and designed to remain in place, however removable in case an upgrade or swap out is required. Saving the hassle of having to freight the complete DeviRodder unit.

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