TRANSPARENCY. SECURITY. SIMPLICITY. That’s survey data managed through DeviCloud.


DeviCloud is the complete survey data management system, connecting drillers, geologists, and engineers through a fast, secure, and uncomplicated cloud-based platform.

Two-way communication
2D & 3D Plotting
Secure, encrypted data transfer
Survey data capacity
Hosting platform
ISO27017 certified
Login authentication
ISO27017 certified
Browser requirements
Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox
User access
Defined by admin user

Acceptance Rules 


Acceptance rules in DeviCloud enables the user to define and add an acceptable amount of deviation from the hole plan. DeviCloud will display these “acceptance rules” in the plots and reports, allowing the user to see right away whether the hole is following an accepted trajectory without the need to utilize other software.

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Automatic Depth Estimation (ADE)


Automatic Depth Estimation (ADE) is a new function within DeviGyro that enables continuous borehole surveying without the use of a wireline counter.

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The onsite processing, transfer and management of borehole survey data are more streamlined than ever with DeviCloud. Providing each defined (and unlimited) user group with immediate access to surveys, as soon as they are uploaded directly from the handheld device at the drill site.

Supporting two-way communication between site and office, DeviCloud also makes it possible to share and sync drill plans directly to the handheld device at the drill site, reducing the risk of miscommunication.

DeviCloud enhances the data transparency and quality of Devico’s leading instrument range. Offering fast processing, instant QA/QC data analysis, comprehensive plotting, and inspection parameters, along with advanced reporting functionalities. Survey data is shared seamlessly between site and office in the safest possible way with full encryption, authorization, and manageable access levels across users.

DeviCloud is available for all Devico customers and complimentary with compatible Devico instruments.


  • At-rig QA/QC control
  • Comprehensive QA Analysis & Reporting
  • Advanced, intuitive reporting functionalities
  • Seamless data transfer between site and office
  • Complementary with compatible Devico products
  • Minimize manual entry and organize data with ease
  • Online access - No installation needed
  • Multi-survey plotting and processing
  • Secure, encrypted data transfer

Application areas

  • Borehole surveying
  • Drill rig alignment
  • Mining Exploration
  • Civil Construction
  • Geotechnical investigation

Australian Underground Drilling about DeviCloud

Australian Underground Drilling about DeviCloud
The most effective and time efficient part for us as the users is the ability to simply log on and upload all the collar shots and gyro (surveys) in a matter of seconds. The safety of the client loading their drill files into DeviCloud leaves little to no room for error when setting up the drill rig.
Josh Knight
Drilling Supervisor
Australian Underground Drilling
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Frequently asked questions about DeviCloud

How much does it cost for DeviCloud?

DeviCloud is free for all our customers. DeviCloud is compatible with DeviGyro, DeviFlex RAPID, DeviAligner and DeviShot.

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How many members can we have in our DeviCloud user group?

As many as you need, the user group is unlimited with DeviCloud.

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Which survey instruments are compatible with DeviCloud?

The DeviGyro range, DeviFlex RAPID, DeviShot and DeviAligner instruments are all DeviCloud compatible.

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