Advanced Single & MultiShot instrument in the industry


The DeviShot is an electronic multishot survey instrument for measuring the path of boreholes, in non-magnetic environments. With simple to use android software, single and multi-shot function, and quality that drillers can rely on, the DeviShot is widely accepted as the tool of choice for a range of mining and civil applications such as exploration boreholes, grout curtains and blast holes.

1170 mm / 46.1 in
3.6 kg
7.9 lbs
Azimuth accuracy:
30 or 35 mm"
Inclination accuracy:
Toolface accuracy:
Running gear
30 or 35/1.18" or 1.38"
Temperature range
-10° to +70°C/14° to 158°F
Azimuth accuracy
Inclination accuracy
Tool face accuracy
Azimuth range
Inclination range
-90°- +90°
Effected by magnetics
Magnetic vector
Magnetic dip
5000 readings
Data communication
Wireless or cable
Battery type
2x 3.6V Lithium
Battery capacity, continuous use
1200 hours

Handheld device

Android Smartphone
DeviShot App
Battery capacity, continuous use
15 hours
Battery type
IP rating

The highly durable DeviShot is a leading survey instrument for measuring the drill hole path, in a non-magnetic environment. It can be used in most drilling applications and will for instance easily operate as single shot, multi shot, with constant or variable depth interval, and for surveying in and/or out.

The instrument is operated through the user-friendly DeviShot Android application, equipped with intuitive step by step operation, also offering all the functionality needed for advanced users. Each survey data point is independent of the other and passes through an internal quality control system.

With the ability to pre-load the local TMI values of the drilling environment, any data points affected by magnetic disturbance or movement, are clearly flagged, alerting the operator after download of the survey data.

The DeviShot is designed for efficient operation and built to last through an integrated running gear set up, which includes a robust titanium structure, our innovative Brilliant Blue Technology (BBT) activation system, and patented wireless antenna, all enabling quick set up, data transfer and download; without having to open the instrument or utilize cables. So, regarding pre survey set up time and efficiency, the DeviShot is ready to go at all times.

In addition, a long life, internal, replaceable battery means the DeviShot instrument can remain at the drill site without needing to be charged.

DeviShot is available in the standard 35mm diameter version and in a slimmer 30mm version, for smaller diameter requirements.


  • Wireless and cable communication system
  • Brilliant Blue Technology (BBT) quick activation
  • Robust, integrated, titanium running gear
  • DeviShot app: Intuitive software

Application areas

  • Diamond core drilling – wireline, pump down or conventional
  • Reverse Circulation (RC) drilling
  • Grout and control holes
  • Directional drilling
  • Blast holes
  • Pilot holes

Australian Underground Drilling about DeviShot

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Brilliant Blue Technology (BBT) is one of the best innovations in the products delivered by Devico. Has reduced tool maintenance / equipment downtime considerably.
Jason Stephens
OHS & Training Advisor
Australian Underground Drilling
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Frequently asked questions about DeviShot

What downhole survey tools do Devico have that are compatible with V-wall rods?

The DeviGyro RG40, DeviGyro Overshot Xpress and DeviShot products are available with V-wall compatible centralization.

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What downhole survey tools do Devico offer for diamond core drilling?

DeviGyro RG40, DeviGyro Overshot Xpress, DeviFlex RAPID and DeviShot.

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How long does it take to activate a DeviShot instrument, from opening the case?

The time that it takes to turn on the Android Phone and select the DeviShot app, plus approximately 5 seconds to connect to the Instrument. Ready to start survey.

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Is the DeviShot compatible with the DeviCloud data management system?

Yes, DeviShot, DeviGyro, DeviFlex RAPID and DeviAligner instruments are all DeviCloud compatible.

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What is the Brilliant Blue Technology (BBT) activation system and how does it work?

BBT is our wireless communication system. It is a Bluetooth signal that is sent from the internal logging tool, through the pressure barrel and to the handheld unit. This replaces the conventional method of cables or having to open the assembly to achieve connect and communication

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