Core Orientation System

DeviCore BBT

DeviCore BBT is a user friendly, high precision core orientation system, measuring inclination, orientation, gravity vector, temperature, and battery status. Incorporating three top quality accelerometers, a smart wireless communication system, quick activation, and interchangeable running gear, DeviCore BBT ensures efficiency on site, with minimal impact on drilling productivity.

DeviCore BBT
410 mm / 16.1 in
3.9 kg
8.6 lbs
These measurements are for the NWL size
Inclination accuracy:
Orientation accuracy:
Toolface accuracy:
Inclination range:
-90°− +90°
Running gear
Pressure (bar/psi)
Temperature range
-10° to +60°C/14° to 140°F
Compatible sizes
Inclination accuracy
Tool face accuracy
Inclination range
-90°− +90°
Orientation accuracy
±0.5° per station
Orientation range
0° − ±88° dip
Effected by magnetics
5000 readings
Data communication
Battery type
2x 3.6V Lithium, or 2x 1.5V AA Alkaline
Battery capacity, continuous use
450 hours

Handheld device

Android Smartphone
DeviCore App
Battery capacity, continuous use
15 hours
Battery type
IP rating

Developed to be user friendly and efficient, DeviCore BBT employs premium sensor technology with integrated running gear, where communication between each unit and the supplied Android device is completely wireless. This enables the operator to initiate, operate and download without opening a single thread.

The full operation itself follows a clear step-by-step procedure through the modern and intuitive DeviCore Android application, and in addition to this DeviCore BBT units can be started and downloaded while the alternate unit is down in the hole, working in with the drilling cycle.

The internal sensors are also interchangeable across the entire range of running gear sizes (A to P), offering a cost-effective solution for multi-size drilling programs.

Innovative, efficient, reliable and user friendly. That is why DeviCore BBT is a leading core orientation system.


  • Digital results with archived data, no manual results transcription
  • Interchangeable electronics for multiple running gear sizes
  • Provides high orientation accuracy from 0° to +/-88° + dip
  • Innovative valve system, no impact on pump-in time
  • Brilliant Blue Technology (BBT) quick activation
  • Scandinavian made - Highly robust and reliable
  • User-friendly, intuitive operating software
  • At-Rig QA/QC processing software
  • Records inclination data
  • High precision system

Application areas

  • Diamond Core Drilling
  • Down hole orientation
  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Exploration
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Frequently asked questions about DeviCore BBT

Does the DeviCore system record inclination?

Yes, the DeviCore records inclination, orientation, and temperature.

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What do I do when my DeviCore will not wake up/start?

Replace batteries, check for water or moisture inside running gear. See if the tool comes up in the Bluetooth overview after waking it up with the magnet, even though it does not blink. If nothing works, contact devico support.

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What is the Brilliant Blue Technology (BBT) activation system and how does it work?

BBT is our wireless communication system. It is a Bluetooth signal that is sent from the internal logging tool, through the pressure barrel and to the handheld unit. This replaces the conventional method of cables or having to open the assembly to achieve connect and communication

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