Acceptance rules

Acceptance Rules in DeviCloud – Visual display of deviation severity

Since its release in May 2021 DeviCloud has become a very popular tool among our clients. The DeviCloud database now contains more than 40,000,000 meters of surveyed data, nearly 240,000 surveys and more than 35,000 DeviAligner measurements.

It is no doubt DeviCloud is a major asset to our clients, making survey data management more efficient and easier. The ability to communicate plans and survey data directly and securely between site and office teams means decisions can be made faster and always with the latest information on hand.

DeviCloud is in continuous development and is now updated with additional functionality for data analyzation, designed to further improve the basis for efficient decision-making.

While DeviCloud has always given the geologist access to the data directly after a survey is completed, to date the following analysis has been focused on survey quality and basic trajectory calculations. To fully determine if the hole is on the desired path, it has been necessary to export the data from DeviCloud and import it into the official mining/design software to determine if the hole is still on an acceptable path.

This is no longer necessary as the updated functionality now enables the user to define and add an acceptable amount of deviation from the hole plan. DeviCloud will display these “acceptance rules” in the plots and reports, allowing the user to see right away whether the hole is following an accepted trajectory without the need to utilize other software.

Learn more about the feature and how to use it here.

DeviCloud is already setting a new standard for planning and monitoring drill holes across the global mining and civil industries. With this new functionality included and what we plan to release this year, the future is certainly bright.