DeviDrill RSS set for release

Reach drilling targets faster and with higher accuracy than ever before.

After extensive development and a thorough trial period, we are very proud to announce that the DeviDrill RSS (Rotary Steerable System) is now available as the latest directional drilling technology from Devico AS.

Building on the legendary DeviDrill, the non-coring DeviDrill RSS incorporates new technology and solutions that secure superior directional drilling capability in all rock formations.

In front of the DeviDrill RSS sits a full-face drill bit specially designed for long life continuous operation. Making it especially suitable for achieving directional targets, particularly in broken ground, but also in most other applications.

What, no core?

Going on 35 years with over 500,000 Directional Core Drilling meters worldwide, the feedback from our clients is clear, they value our proven ability to steer their drill holes on target time and time again and most are less concerned about the core sample during steering.

With the DeviDrill RSS, and no need to pull core, we are capable of drilling up to 5x times faster with more ease than ever before. And for the clients that do want the core sample, we have the proven DeviDrill.

Our value is derived from the productivity and efficiency we deliver as a service provider utilizing our leading technology.

DeviDrill RSS sets a new standard for simplified directional drilling.

Learn more about the DeviDrill RSS here.

Contact us for further information and a non-committing feasibility study to see what the DeviDrill RSS can do for your drill program.