Introducing DeviGyro RG30 HELIX

Introducing DeviGyro RG30 HELIX – the newest addition to the ultra-versatile DeviGyro range

We are happy to announce the official release of our latest purpose-built DeviGyro running gear configuration, RG30 Helix.

A downhole navigation solution designed specifically for small diameter, in-rod wireline surveying, it comes equipped with an extendable 30mm body and adaptable helix centralizers, making it particularly suitable for drilling applications such as slim-rod RC (Reverse Circulation) Drilling.

The helix centralizers automatically adapt to the drill string dimension in use and will fit diameters ranging from approximately 30 to 50mm. Also offering dual functionality to provide solutions for both the proprietary helix surveying method and the standard non-rotating surveying method (used in vertical surveying).

The DeviGyro RG30 Helix fills the gap between the DeviGyro RG30 Slimline and RG40 Standard solutions by offering the proven benefits of helix auto-rotating surveying in small diameter drill strings. In combination with the established advantages that the DeviGyro technology provides, our customers are enabled to secure high accuracy, deep-hole in-rod surveying at high speed, with ease.

You can find all the information about the product here.