Introducing DeviGyro OX Mini

Introducing DeviGyro OX Mini – Compact overshot surveying solution for B and N-size

We are pleased to announce the official release of the latest DeviGyro running gear configuration, OX Mini. Providing all the proven benefits which the innovative DeviGyro technology has to offer, the DeviGyro OX Mini is the latest purpose-built running gear configuration in the ultra-versatile DeviGyro range.

As the name suggests, the DeviGyro OX Mini is simply a smaller version of the DeviGyro Overshot Xpress (the OX). With the Overshot Xpress being the leading overshot surveying solution for N, H and P-size rods only, the OX Mini has been developed to make the same proven benefits available for B-size diamond core drilling applications.

With B-size only drilling programs being quite rare, the DeviGyro OX Mini has been designed to support surveying in all standard B and N-size drill strings. Changing between sizes requires no more than replacing the centralizers which can be completed over a few minutes at the drill site.

You can find all information about the product here.