Controlling natural deviation


Controlling natural deviation

Two processes are required to control natural deviation; to measure the deviation with a survey tool, and to correct it with directional drilling technology.

Controlling natural deviation


Any time a hole is drilled it will be subjected to natural deviation causing it to drift off course from the straight path. Natural deviation has many causes but is generally a result of factors involving geological conditions, drilling parameters and drilling equipment.

While the deviation in some cases can be estimated and accounted for based on historical drillholes and survey data, it gets more and more challenging with increasing depth and geological complexity.


The Devico Directional Core Drilling (DCD) services help detect natural deviation and correct the hole back on target in the most efficient way.

The Devico range of survey tools measures natural deviation efficiently and accurately, making its exact position and trajectory known.

Directional drilling plans are created based on the survey data and target information.

The DeviDrill directional core barrel replaces the standard core barrel and steers the hole in a preset direction according to the drill plan, thus overcoming the natural deviation and bringing the hole back on target.


  • Full control over the hole trajectory at all times
  • Always intersect the target with high accuracy, even at great depths

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