Diamond core drilling


Diamond core drilling

Diamond core drilling is used in mining exploration to probe the contents of known ore deposits and potential sites. Utilizing an annular, diamond-impregnated drill bit, to cut a cylindrical core of solid rock, known as a core sample. By retrieving core samples Geologists can conduct analysis to define ore bodies, inspect and analyse ground conditions of the sample’s environment.

DeviGyro Overshot Xpress used in Diamond core drilling


With diamond core drilling programs generally having deeper targets, being more susceptible to deviation, and being more expensive to operate then other hard rock drilling applications, when it comes to borehole surveying instrumentation there is much less tolerance for failure and higher demand for efficient, precise results.

It is also common for diamond core drilling programs to utilize multiple rod sizes making survey instrument centralization and compatibility a challenge.


The solution is borehole surveying instrumentation that can stand up to the challenge of greater depths whilst performing optimally. Devico borehole surveying products are just that. Designed and built in Norway with over 30 years of direct drilling experience, our products are robust, reliable and accurate.

DeviGyro Overshot Xpress (or OX for short) is a purpose-built overshot survey solution for the diamond core drilling application. Enabling continuous gyro surveying up to 100m/min whilst retrieving the core tube, minimizing the impact on drilling productivity. The compact 1.2m design improves operator handling, making it a safer option compared to conventional overshot survey systems.

DeviAligner is a state-of-the-art north seeking rig alignment system, with the fastest settling time available on the market. Recording precise azimuth, inclination and roll angles, both surface and underground through advanced fibre optic gyro technology.

DeviCloud makes the onsite processing, transfer, and management of borehole survey data, more streamlined than ever. Supporting two-way communication between site and office, reducing the risk of miscommunication.


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Protek about Devico

Protek about Devico
Accurate rig alignment, borehole surveying and core orientation are three necessary processes to successfully complete a borehole. By choosing Devico for all our instrumentation needs, we not only get reliable, versatile and precise survey equipment, we also have the benefit of fast, helpful and dedicated local support.