Drill and Blast

Mining Production & Development application

Drill & Blast

Drill & Blast is a highly selective and productive application utilized in mining production and development, for the purpose of advancing the development of a mine and or extracting the minerals for processing. The equipment and expertise required varies between surface, open pit drill & blast and underground drill & blast.

Due to the high rate of drill hole deviation faced with this drilling application, the biggest limitation is the length of holes that can be accurately drilled by the production rig within the planned tolerance. As a result, hole lengths are typically between 10m to 40m but generally limited to ~30m for mitigating the risk of costly deviation related issues and effects on overall blasting results, such as bridging, ore dilution and loss of production.

Although borehole surveying of drill and blast holes for QA/QC purposes has been in effect since the 1990’s, it is only in the past several years that the technology has advanced enough to the point of being embraced by the global mining production and development industry, as a key solution to minimize the deviation related issues and effects on overall blasting results.

Drill and Blast


Due to the fast-paced culture of mining production and development, when it comes to borehole surveying in drill and blast, there are many challenges.

Extreme time pressure as the drive to maintain overall operational productivity on site often results in any QA/QC borehole surveying opportunities being put in a very short window (between drilling and charging the holes) or to the side completely.

There is also the challenge of the general conditions. Open hole, broken ground, inconsistent depths, all angle drilling (+90 to -90), these are all variables that make it difficult for an operator to record accurate survey data.

So, despite the rate of deviation and associated risks being greater than most other drilling applications, the volume of borehole surveying conducted in this application is much less.


The solution is borehole surveying technology that can fit into the fast-paced culture of mining production and development. Empowering drill and blast teams to increase the volume of QA/QC borehole surveying conducted on site, enabling them to regularly compare and analyze their ‘planned vs. actual’ results and make informed decisions prior to blasting.

The DeviGyro RG30 Slimline is an advanced, lightweight, and robust borehole survey instrument, supporting quick set up time with no limitations in survey angle, ideally suited for measuring the deviation of surface and underground blast holes.

The DeviRodder is a user-friendly push reel system combining a fiberglass rodder reel and a customized DeviCounter wireless counting device. Enabling a safe and effective manual surveying method that not only enhances the high-quality data by recording precise depth, but it is also what enables continuous mode with the DeviGyro RG30 Slimline, equating to faster surveying and thus a higher number of meters surveyed per shift.

The DeviAligner is a high precision, north seeking alignment device, that has set a new industry standard for recording definitive, actual drill collar positional data.

By utilizing this technology in combination, drill and blast teams have the ultimate system for quick, safe, and precise QA/QC borehole surveying on site. Empowering them with the ability to conduct definitive Planned vs. Actual data analysis and therefore proactively mitigate the risk of costly deviation related issues and effects on overall blasting results.


  • Precise drill hole data
  • Fast, continuous surveying
  • No limitations in survey angle
  • User-friendly, lightweight equipment
  • Definitive Planned vs. Actual data analysis
  • Mitigate deviation related issues
  • Improve blasting efficiency
  • Not effected by magnetics
  • Quick set up

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