Civil Construction application


Piling is a method used for deep foundation to help secure and stabilize a construction built on soil or sediments. The method generally contains driving or drilling concrete and/or steel pipes into the ground, either until a more solid formation is reached or the friction between the pile and soil reaches the needed load capacity.

DeviGyro RG40 Standard used in Piling


There are strict requirements to the straightness of installed piles, as any bend will stress the pile and affect its load bearing capacity. Drilling or driving along a fully straight line is though rarely possible and both soil and equipment conditions can lead to deviation of the pile while its being set.


Surveying the pile to check its straightness is important to ensure designed load bearing capacity is reached. If the deviation exceeds the requirement, the effect on the load can be calculated and corrective measures implemented.

Devico offers the DeviGyro RG40 for surveying inside steel pipes. Variable running gear configurations and centralizer options ensures high accuracy and efficiency can be achieved over a wide range of pipe and other pile types.


  • Efficient continuous survey operation
  • Adjustable and adaptable centralizer options to fit a variety of diameters and shapes
  • Suitable for any angle, including vertical down, horizontal and even upwards.
  • Data uploaded to cloud and directly available to work group

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