Shaft and Ventilation Drilling


Shaft and Ventilation Drilling

While Directional Core Drilling (DCD) is most commonly used in various types of exploration drilling, it also has its place in other drilling applications, especially when high accuracy or specific hole trajectories are required.
When it comes to the mining production and development industry, Directional Core Drilling is utilized in the following drilling applications: Geotechnical Investigation, Raise Bore Pilot Holes, Shaft & Ventilation Drilling, Underground Service holes, Paste Fill/Backfill holes, and Ground freezing holes.

Mining Production & Development for Directional Core Drilling


Many of these drilling applications have strict requirements to how straight the drill hole must be, where it must hit, or where the drill hole trajectory must be located. Some examples may include pilot holes for raise boring, paste fill, or freeze holes. These types of holes can be very challenging to achieve without directional control, particularly at depth.


The DCD service package includes survey tools and directional drilling equipment needed to detect and quantify any drillhole deviation and its location.

Devico’s team of highly trained and experienced drilling engineers will be on site, following the drilling process, analyzing survey data and ensuring that the drillhole follows its intended path.


  • With high accuracy survey tools and steering technology, drillhole deviation is minimized.
  • With high accuracy survey tools and steering technology, drillhole trajectory is controlled to hit the specified target.

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