DCD drill hole and branches

Anglo American about the DeviDrill

Janne Siikaluoma, Principal Geology and Resource Estimator at Anglo American

AA Sakatti Mining Oy has used Devico’s services in the Sakatti Cu-Ni-PGE project since 2017.

Devico’s services and especially directional core drilling has been an important factor to be able to conduct accurate diamond drilling programs in deep and complex deposits located in environmentally sensitive areas like Sakatti.

The Sakatti winter season 2022-2023 metallurgical drilling program with several multi-branch DCD-guided holes was completed on time with high technical quality.

This enabled AA Sakatti Mining Oy to collect the metallurgical samples from the Sakatti Cu-Ni-PGE deposit by means of core drilling which was the priority one objective and very important for the future progress of the Sakatti project.

Additionally, the successful drilling program enabled us to achieve a constant 25m drilling pattern in certain key areas of the deposit with the required 5m target precision (up to 800m depth) which would have not been possible by any other practical means.